Advisory Services

Phonickids provides advisory services around curriculum development for language development programs in the pre-primary sections. This consulting service is extended to schools and offices of government ministries at state levels. The consulting service begins with assessment of the current state, challenges, effectiveness and then recommending best practice approach to implementing a Phonics program at the pre-primary level. As part of the consulting, Phonickids also presents independent research data around parental demographics & literacy levels and in-depth data analysis to map right curriculum strategies for the entity.

After years of classroom teaching, literacy coaching, and private consulting, Phonickids has developed a reputation of being able to address real issues and work with teachers, schools, and governments to help attain a high level of student achievement. Phonickids' mission is to provide first class early childhood education literacy and reading professional development and technical assistance to government and state educational agencies, private educational organizations, school districts, and consortiums with a result of improved teacher expertise and student literacy performance.

What does Advisory cover?